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News 2018

HKKC Champion Dog Shows (Dec 2018)

Date:19 & 20 Dec 2018
Time : 10:00am - 6:00pm
Venue : San Tin The Boxes
Judge : Ms Gloria Kerr (USA) & Ms Honey Anne Glendinning (USA)

Our super homebred boy Rocky "Eclipse Salvatore Ferragamo" was awarded back to back Best of Breeds and Group 4 at his debut show. He is the very first homebred boy we ever kept and we're so proud of his performance!
He is sired by "Benson" AKC Grand Ch / CKCSC USA Ch Briarcrest Burberry and out of our import girl Champion Luna. On the other hand, our 3rd generations homebred girl Cherry "Eclipse Remembrance" was awarded back to back Challenge Bitch at her debut show at well. Can't be more happier than these results.


4 weeks old already! (Nov 2018)

Banner x Venice's babies are 4 weeks old already.
Let's talk about the their parents' health status today.
Banner is 9 year old this year, he is still heart CLEAR at the moment. WOW!!
He also looks super nice condition, very young in real life and able to give us 5 beautiful babies.
That's one of the reasons why we chose Banner for Venice because we care about health!
On the other hand, Venice's grandparents Bruce and Lizz are both heart CLEAR at 9 and 7 year of age as well.


Venice Babies have arrived! (Oct 2018)

We are happy to announce our 2nd special litter in 2018 has arrived safely on 25 Oct 2018!
2 boys and 3 girls - all have a lovely head and well-broken marking!!
Proud to introduce the gorgeous sire of our babies is AKC Grand Ch Cottfordcourt By The Dawn's Early Light  "Banner"
Banner is 10 yrs old at the moment and he is still heart clear and very healthy!! We're happy and excited to get this good quality and healthy bloodline. The dam is our 2nd homebred Champion Eclipse Valencia "Venice"  who is also the mummy of our Cherry.


Willow's Babies 8 weeks! (Oct 2018)

Time flies .. Ronnie x Willow babies are 8 weeks old already!
I decided to run 4 of them to older age to assess their quality.
​3 girl and a boy - Who to stay is the hardest decision ever!!
The rest of the pet boys have found their lovely pet homes already.


Ronnie x Willow 4 weeks old ! (Sep 2018)

Proud to introduce our 1st special litter in 2018.
The beautiful sire of the babies is UK Ch / Crufts 2017 BOB Castlewytch Rave On With Russmic "Ronnie"
And the Mummy Willow HK Ch Azalea Will-O-The-Wisp "Willow" who is the top winning cavalier in HK history.
​Ronnie's Sire - Maibee Prefect touch of Charnavale who is a top stud in UK and still heart CLEAR at 10 years of age.
Willow's Sire - UK Ch / USA Ch / AKC Grand Ch Brookhaven Believe It Or Not who is also a top stud in UK and USA.


We have puppies arrived!! (Aug 2018)

We are happy to share that our long awaited "special litter" has arrived few days ago. 
We got 4 Boys and 3 Girls - 7 puppies!! OMG what a surprise!
They're a little bit premature and very tiny so I'm trying my best to supplement them every 3 hours.
proud Mummy Willow is doing a good job - She is not only the best bitch in our kennel but super producer as well.
We will introduce the parents on the next post - to be continued.


Dollar's babies 7 Weeks of age! (July 2018)

Time flies! The puppies are 7 weeks old already!
Love to run and fight haha! I still can't decide which one will be staying because they're too similar!
All puppies are reserved for long awaited pet homes. No puppies available for pet or show home!


Dollar's babies 4 Weeks already! (June 2018)

Dollar's babies are 4 weeks old already! 
They're starting to wean today, look at their lovely face wow!


Dollar's Litter arrived! (May 2018)

We are happy to announce that we have a long a-waited litter arrived!
The puppies are sired by Ch Wandris Gentle Reminder "Roddy" and out of the beautiful Ch Ellemich Americana "Dollar".
Parents are both imported from the well-known and top winning kennel in the UK!
They're not only Champions but also awarded some group winning as well.
We're so excited to see their development and we already can see all of them have a really beautiful head!


HKKC Championship Dog Show (Mar 2018)

Date:23 & 24 March 2018
Time : 10:00am - 6:00pm
Venue : San Tin The Boxes
Judge : Mrs Cindy Stansell (USA) / Mr Robin Stansell (USA)​ / Ms Liz Dunhill (UK) / Mrs Jill Peak (UK)

Our super boy Ch Wandris Gentle Reminder "Roddy" was awarded 4 x Best of Breeds and 3 x Group 4 in a row as expected! This is Eclipse Valencia "Venice"'s debut shows after having babies 4 months ago. Although she is naked, she still did a wonderful job and able to win 3 x Bitch Challenges to finish her championship! She is our 2nd homebred Champion now ! Wow! And last but not the least, Ch Azalea Will-O-The-Wisp "Willow" was awarded a bitch challenge as well, this is her 10th cc in 2 years!


HKKC Championship Dog Show (Feb 2018)

Date:10 & 11 Feb 2018
Time : 10:00am - 6:00pm
Venue : HKCEC, Wan Chai, HK
Judge : Mrs Ann Hill (UK) / Mr Graham Hill (UK)​ / Mr Teruyoshi Sugahara (Japan) / Mr Lee Woong Jong (Korea)

Our boy Ch Wandris Gentle Reminder "Roddy" was awarded 3 x Best of Breeds and a group 3 placement under English Judge! Our UK import Ellemich Americana "Dollar" was awarded 3 x Bitch Challenges and finish her championship with a group 3 placement under another respective English judge! What a super girl! On the other hand, Ch Azalea Will-O-The-Wisp "Willow" was awarded a bitch challenge as well, this is her 9th cc in 2 years!​

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