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Puppy Page

​We import all of our foundation dogs from top winning kennels worldwide.
At Eclipse, our dogs get the best of everything, they all live in the home, as a part of the family.
They all sleep in my room at night, and even on the bed frequently. At any one time, there are only about 15 Cavaliers at home.
We don't breed just to fill the market with puppies to sell. We plan each breeding with the goal of keeping the good
qualities of the parents, and improving any faults.  It takes a lot of time and resources to raise puppies the right way.
Because of these things, I don't have puppies available at all times and those who want a puppy from me may have to wait a while.
Thank you for admiring our Cavaliers, and to those who are willing to wait for our wonderful puppies.

All of our Cavaliers are registered at Hong Kong Kennel Club and have 3 generations pedigree certificates.
Hong Kong Kennel Club is the only international-recogniaed kennel club in Hong Kong

       Getting a puppy

  • Pet puppies are priced from $20,000- $35,000HKD.

  • Come with HK Kennel Club international-recognized pedigree.

  • Come with neuter/spay contract - puppy must be neutered/spayed around 1.5 year old

  • Pedigree will be sent to buyer by registered mail after proof of neuter/spay is received.

  • Come with parents (maybe grandparents as well if I have) heart & patellar health certificates

       Older puppies

We keep the pick of every litter we bred - they will be run on for a bit longer to assess their quality.
Therefore, We may have older puppies or adults available for sale from time to time.


  • They're SAME PRICE as young puppies. 

  • Usually they're higher quality than young puppies.

  • House trained / Potty trained

  • Same health guarantees and regulations as young puppies.

We have a few puppies available for discounted price.
Contact us if you're interested in one of our puppies.


We do not sell puppies with breeding / showing rights and only export pet puppies under special circumstances.

Please fill out the puppy inquiry form if you want to purchase a puppy from us and agree with our regulations above.

​Previous Litters

​We will record our special litters here, all puppies are staying with us or have been sold to pet homes.


UK Ch / AKC Grand Ch / CKCSC USA Ch Chadwick Pursuit of Perfection
HK Ch Eclipse Extravaganza
DOB : 30 March 2023

AKC Grand Ch Burwyns First In Flight
HK Ch Eclipse Opalescence
DOB : 10 March 2023


AKC Grand Ch / CKCSC USA Ch Dreamvale Follow All My Moves
HK Ch Azalea Will-O-The-Wisp
DOB : 31 Aug 2019


AKC Grand Ch Cottfordcourt By The Dawn's Early Light
HK Ch Eclipse Valencia
DOB  : 25 Oct 2018


UK Ch Castlewytch Rave On With Russmic

HK Ch Azalea Will-O-The-Wisp
DOB  13 Aug 2018

AKC Grand Ch / CKCSC USA Ch Briarcrest Burberry
​HK Ch Kabob Extra Delectable

DOB  17 Apr 2017


HK Ch Wandris Gentle Reminder
HK Ch Eclipse Valencia
DOB 04 Nov 2017

UK Ch Cavaliegh Jacob
HK Ch Kabob Extra Delectable
DOB May 2016


UK Ch Wandris Evan 'Elp Us

Eclipse Extraordinaire 
DOB   Jan 2017

HK Ch Homesweet's High Society
Eclipse Extraordinaire

DOB  25 Nov 2015


HK Ch Liane's Highlander
HK Ch Kabob Charlize Libertine
DOB  Feb 2014

HK Ch Liane's Highlander
HK Ch Riccaval Zenith
DOB  Feb 2013

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